The EVE interior equipment depends on the type of use.
With different functional, technical and aesthetic requirements, the module can be customized and molded around you


Supported by a strong internal skeleton, EVE turns out to be an anti-intrusion unit . The materials used for skeleton and cover may be different depending on the environments and usage . Moreover, the casing provides an optimal level of thermo-acoustic isolation.


EVE is provided with a door system both in the front and in the back part. In addition to being solid and safe as the whole structure, the front door can be opened also towards the inside, in order to allow the user exit even in any case of obstruction. Moreover, an emergency exit is present in the upper part via a windowed manhole, whose importance is critical in case the module is placed in water.


The bed is particularly important, with a high-efficiency mattress designed to provide relax and sleep without giving in to compromises.

Thanks to its backrest, the bed can be tilted from 180° to 90° according to requirements; moreover the leg support, from the knee to the foot, is designed with a particular closing system that allows the user taking a sitting position. Positioned on a set of sliding guides, the bed can be moved outside the module both from the front and the rear side, both for purely personal needs and for  other fundamental aspects, such as to ease the entrance and the exit or receive medical treatment.

Together with the closing system mentioned above, this feature of mobility facilitates the descent, turning out to be crucial for elderly or handicapped users.

If necessary, the bed structure can be unhooked and become a stretcher for the resident’s transportation.


EVE has a window system with built-in sliding curtains on the structure and on the doors, in order to ensure a controlled distribution of natural light.


Depending on the location , EVE can either use energy sources on site or be prepared for exploiting renewable energy such as solar and wind.


The module can be provided with a support system which acts like a fin in case the module (intendedly or not) is placed in water, helping to float in horizontal positioning and  preventing from reversal.

This feature makes the unit particularly suitable in case of river flooding or when the module is placed on rafts, marine platforms or similar.